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About Vadim Petrov
Vadim Petrov is a Czech music composer, pianist, conductor  and music professor. In his career, he has written music for more than 1,400 movies and television series, classical works, theatre plays and radio broadcasts.

Early Life

Vadim Petrov was born on May 24th, 1932, in Prague, as a son of Russian exile, MUDr. Vadim V.Petrov. His family, originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, were descendants of an aristocratic lineage Repnin - Repninski (since 842). His mother Adéla, was a solo singer in Prague. Petrov, who has two siblings Alexandr and Olga, found his musical talent at an early age. His first composition - Biblické písně, was influenced by cathedral music and choirs.
Vadim Petrov
Vadim Petrob and granddaughter International Model Linda Vojtová
Vadim Petrov with his Granddaughter, International Model Linda Vojtová
Classical Education

His first teacher at age 6, was professor Volfová, with whom he studied violin. Compelled to take up piano, he started studying with professor J.Gabriel, son of  famous Czech music composer Zdeněk Fibich at age 13. In 1956, Petrov graduated from AMU (Academy of Performing Arts), with diploma in Composition and Piano, with his symphonic poem Vítkov.


In 1958, shortly after graduating from conservatory, Petrov began working with the Czech radio, televison and film. His music is mostly recognized from movies and  TV series, as well as radio productions and theatre plays.

Petrov's most fruitful years began in 1960, when he started working with
Československá televize. Together with film studios Barrandov and Krátký film Zlín, Vadim Petrov composed music for 172 movies and more than 244 TV series.
In 1964 he started working with theatres and composed 54 plays for Národní divadlo (National theatre) in Prague, Vinohradské divadlo, Divadlo S+H, Viola, Lyra Pragensis, etc)

From 1996 until present, Vadim Petrov is the president of the administrative council Dilia. Agency for theatre, literary and audiovisuals, established in 1949.

Teaching Years

Peoples conservatory - Konzervatoř Jaroslava Ježka (1958 - 1970)

In 1958, Petrov established the Public Conservatory (Lidová konzervatoř) in Prague, now called Konzervatoř Jaroslava Ježka, and was its first director.

Conservatory of Jan Deyl (1970 - 1974)

After 1968, due to political persecution following the Prague Spring, Petrov had to leave his director position at the Public Conservatory and was forbiden all music activity in radio, TV and film. In 1970, with the help of friends, he was offered a professor position at Konzervatoř J. Deyla (Conservatory of J. Deyl), for vision impaired students.

This era was very important in his career. At the school, Petrov established all girls singing quartet Carmina Lucis, which inspired writer M. Zinnerová to write a script for movie - Chvíle pro píseň trubky, directed by Ludvík Ráža. This film won the best movie award at Monte Carlo international film festival in 1981

Prague Conservatory (1976 - 1992)

In 1976, Petrov returned to Prague conservatory (Pražská konzervatoř est. 1808) as a professor of composition and musical theory and remained teaching until 1992.


  • Hudební formy - metodická příručka - (Musical forms - methodical manual)
  • Klavír a akordické značky - skripta pro pedagogy hudebních škol (Piano and chords - textbooks for university music teachers)
  • Muzicírování - praktická cvičení - (Music playing - practical excercises)
Personal life

On June 26th 1954, he married Marta Votápková, with whom he has three children:

  • Vadim (1957)
  • Tat'jána (1960)
  • Kateřina (1962)

His granddaughter is top International model Linda Vojtová.
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Vadim Petrov